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Swift Credit is a legal moneylender in Singapore and is licensed with the Registrar of Moneylender.

A payday loan is a type of short-term unsecured loan that is payable on the next pay day. We understand that there will be times when you fall short of cash but have bills to pay that cannot wait for the next pay day as you will be face with unnecessary interest rates.

It is inevitable to come across financial issues. However, with Swift Credit, you no longer have to worry as we are dedicated to assist our customers bridge the shortfall between your pay checks. We are here to offer you the quickest and easiest way to apply for pay day loans.

To apply for our Payday loan, the following documents may be required:


  • NRIC
  • Latest original payslip
  • CPF statements
  • Income tax statement
  • Original PUB bill or hand phone bill that reflects current residential address


For more information on our pay day loan services, call us at +65 6684 4129


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